### Introduction When you write a file path, you might have confronted a situation to use `/` as a path delimiter or `\` . The difference looks pretty subtle. So today we will correctly find out the difference between the two. ### Window Paths The Windows operating system uses Back Slash `\` as a path delimiter ``` C:\Users\user\Documents\file.txt (Windows) ``` ### Unix Paths Unix based operating systems such as MacOS or Linux uses Slash `/` as a path delimiter ``` /home/user/Documents/file.txt (Unix-based) ``` ### Conclusion This tiny discrepancy makes an error in the program. And this would be one of reasons out of many why unix and windows have their own files for executables. Sometimes for a python script, you have to change the delimiter when you environments have changed. There are also other difficulties about them, but this would be enough. As said before, it is a tiny difference, for those who are not friendly with computers may have confused this concept. Looking through a fundamental reason why such character was chosen might have helped your intimacy using computers